Our Palm Positive Plan Collaboration on the Ground


Sustainable Farmers

As buyers, we have an opportunity to drive change that can make things better for people and for the planet that we share.

Mars has been helping suppliers build their capabilities to govern and protect against social and environmental risk, conducting satellite mapping to continue monitoring land use and collaborating with stakeholders in high-stakes geographies and fragile ecosystems to create a path for successful, sustainable smallholder farming and sound natural resource management. We aim to demonstrate that it is possible to transform local areas at scale, creating and cultivating protected areas of success.

Jurisdictional Approaches

Jurisdictional approaches are critical in driving change on the ground.

Mars, in partnership with Conservation International and other organizations, has facilitated development of the Coalition for Sustainable Livelihoods to support smallholders and sound natural resource management in Aceh and North Sumatra, a movement putting sustainable livelihoods at its heart. Together, we are also exploring funding streams to bring further scale to the Coalition’s work.

We’ve partnered with Earthworm on the Areal Prioritas Transformasi (APT) program to address the challenges of deforestation caused by poverty. Together, we’re engaging local government, preventing deforestation inside concession, forming community-based conservation plans and providing alternative livelihood options.

Mars aims to bring pragmatism, clarity and responsibility to industry, government (both international, national and sub-national) and civil society on the action we collectively have to take. And, we will work toward independent verification that our efforts and those of our suppliers are driving genuine transformation on the ground to improve systems and conditions for people and the planet.