Mars Accelerates Work on Racial Equity

There is no room for discrimination in a healthy society. It’s the collective effort from individuals, communities and organizations all around the world that will replace discrimination and fear with humanity, empathy and caring.

It’s important we share our point of view. But words alone aren’t enough. Systemic change requires action.

We will be accelerating our work in several areas:

  1. Increasing diversity in our talent and leadership pipeline. This means setting meaningful targets and reporting our progress, and creating deeper recruitment partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs).
  2. Investing in and partnering with organizations that fight for racial equity. We will support organizations that fight for equity, diversity and support Black-owned businesses.
  3. Expanding trainings and educational resources. This includes expanding our mandatory bias training for our 125,000 Associates globally, helping us make sure each Mars Associate knows they belong.
  4. Improving diversity across our marketing, advertising, sourcing and supplier communities. An example of this is our decision to evolve the UNCLE BEN’s brand.

This is a start, we know there is more to be done. We are open to the ideas and feedback from our Associates, consumers and partners on how we can play our part. And we will hold ourselves accountable to achieve meaningful change.